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Wireless Weather Station with Bluetooth Speaker


Everything about this weather station is amazing. Something that my friends may not know or realize. I am a total weather nerd, I enjoy everything about tracking and watching the weather. This is not only a weather station. Another great feature is that you can use it as an alarm clock. With dual crescendo alarms with 4 sound options to wake up to: Birds, Music, Sound or the normal beep. The dual alarms are easy to set and each have a button on the side to turn on or off. If you are looking for some top-rated models, then take a look at this list of weather stations here and discover the weather conditions of anywhere you go.

Bluetooth Weather Station

The bar in the front of the weather station is where you can see if your bluetooth has connected. Turn the bluetooth power button on, then activate your device. The LED will flash red and blue alternately when syncing and blue when connected. This enables you to play music from your device. While you can adjust your volume either on your device or on the weather station. As a result of receiving a phone call, the bluetooth connection will be temporarily interrupted. While it automatically reconnects when the call has ended. When you place your outdoor sensor, you can then track the outside weather and humidity. As well as what is going on inside your home. The outdoor sensor is where all the fun is. 

Front Display

1. Day of the week
2. Indoor temperature and humidity
3. Alarm 1 Icons
4. Rim Light Indicator ( this can be programmed to change color based on weather forecast )
5. Forecast Icons
6. Outdoor Sensor Signal Strength
7. Outdoor temperature and humidity
8. Calendar month and date
9. Animated color circle ( every 5 seconds )
10. Atomic Time Icons Shows when signal is received
11. Alarm 2 Icons
12. Forecast Tendency

Weather Station

Front View

1. Snooze/Backlight
2. Alarm 1 On/Off
3. Alarm 2 On/Off
4. Volume Buttons
5. Front Buttons ( bluetooth power – play/pause )

Back View

1. Alarm 2
2. TX/RCC Search
3. Settings
4. Rim Light ( Hi/Low/Off )
5. Alarm 1
6. Audio Input
7. AC/DC Adapter Jack
8. USB Charging Port ( 1 amp output )

Weather Station

We have just entered into our rainy stormy season. I can't wait to see how accurate this is. If I will really be able to see what is going on and what will happen. So far, I am as happy as a bug in a rug with this. I am sure I will not be disappointed.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.