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Vaseline® Intensive Care TM Advanced Relief Healing Serum #Ad

Disclosure: While this post is sponsored by Vaseline, as always, all opinions are my own.

Vaseline® Intensive Care TM Advanced Relief Healing Serum #Ad

When it comes to trying new lotion, and getting just the right one to help with the dry skin I have. Both my husband and myself have dry skin , he has elbows and knees and I have very dry skin at times. Vaseline® Intensive CareTM Advanced Relief Healing Serum is just the thing for the both of us. 


A serum for the body. It will heal the roughest, dry skin on your body. It’s amazing, it doesn’t only soothe the skin, the serum gets deep down in the skin as well! Thus, providing your body with the moisture your body needs to making your skin feeling good. While some daily lotions can immediately hydrate skin and help temporarily relieve symptoms, the results are often superficial and may be masking the underlying problem – that the skin’s protective barrier is not functioning properly. This unique, new product range provides the skin with 10x the healing power to reverse past skin damage.  


This skin serum goes on smooth and has a clean, fresh scent. It really does help with dry skin, especially if you’re exposed to the weather/outside during cold. This has really helped and made my skin as well as my husbands nice and smooth. Anything that can do that is great and we would use  it more than once. 


Love the way it goes on and does not leave your skin feeling all greasy, and the fragrance is great I love it. Not only on my feet  I also on my face, and when it comes to my face im very hesitant because I have such sensitive skin. And all other parts of my body leaving it all soft and smooth.   But there’s no breaking out, and my face feels so soft and smooth. 


The Healing Serum is available in three new forms:
Advanced Relief- moisturizes to heal and calm severely dry skin
Radiance Restore- moisturizes to heal and restore radiance to dull, dry skin
Deep Repair- Deeply moisturizes to heal rough, cracked skin

All the things as a woman we look for , to keep our skin looking healthy and smooth. Since we been using this we are seeing a great difference and are loving them. The dryness has gone away and my out breaks are few and far.  One of the best things I have used in a while. 


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