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Van’s Gluten Free Products Taste Amazing

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Gluten Free can taste great with Van's!

Van's Simply delicious has produced quality products for everyone to enjoy for almost 50 years. They know how to make a product that tastes delicious using only simple wholesome ingredients. Van's also produces a gluten-free line of products that deliver on taste as well as quality!

You here all sorts of diet restrictions these days. Whether your family eats dairy free, nut free, vegetarian or vegan you all know how challenging it can be to find great substitutions. Our family likes to eat a gluten-free diet only because we all feel a difference if we avoid it. It is great to see a lot more companies that are making products for families that have diet restrictions.

Van's Gluten Free Cinnamon Heaven was delicious. This cereal was crunchy, sweet and full of the cinnamon flavor I love. I really enjoyed it and was thrilled to see it was high in fiber. The Honey Crunch cereal was delicious as well. I would definitely buy this cereal again since the whole family seemed to love it. My kids loved the crunchy sweetness just as much as the other cereals. I loved that it was gluten-free because our family tries to eat gluten-free so that we feel our best.

Van's Lots of Everything crackers were so yummy. These little bite size crackers are crunchy and crispy. I liked to munch on them by themselves but you could also dip them in a dip or add cheese. Either way you are in for a delicious treat that will satisfy your crunchy cravings.

Van's Cranberry Almond granola bars were very flavorful. Chewy bars that are full of fruity goodness. The balance between the almond and the cranberry was perfect. The granola was sweet and chewy and really made a wonderful snack.

Overall, Van's makes some delicious treats that are gluten-free. Each snack was full of flavor and crunch just like you want. I loved the cereals the most just because they were so delicious. The bars and crackers are great to have on had as a snack.  Do you like to eat gluten-free?


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.