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Using Blackout Drapes to Provide Beauty and Function

Sometimes you need darkness inside the home when the sun is shining. While most people enjoy the sunshine filtering into the home, there are times it can be a nuisance. While the bedrooms of daytime sleepers are the first to come to mind, room darkening window coverings are beneficial in home theater rooms, office spaces or any place computer or television screens are used. Modern room darkening curtains can provide both beauty and function to any room.

Blackout curtains use a double woven cloth to reduce up to 99% of the light entering a room through a window. In the bedroom, you close the drapes to instantly darken the room, anytime day or night. In addition to eliminating light from the sun, these window coverings are also beneficial in areas where light pollution affects nighttime sleeping. The block the light from streetlights, yard lights and other types of artificial lighting allowing you to get the rest you need and deserve.

Creating a darkened room is beneficial in the nursery or a young child’s bedroom at naptime. Children, who find sleeping in the light difficult, are no longer disturbed by the outside light. The option takes the fuss out of naptime.

While a large screen LED or Plasma television is a great addition to any home, the larger screen makes positioning the set in a location where it is unaffected by the glare of sunlight is more difficult than with a small screen TV. Choose great looking blackout curtains for the family room, living room or home theater. Close the curtains and you instantly create a space for watching television where external light is no longer a problem.

Room darkening window treatments are also beneficial at the office or home office. They are easy to open or close as needed. You are able to allow you to enjoy the view in the morning but block the blinding glare off your computer monitor when necessary. Use them to protect yourself from the eyestrain associated with the glare of sunlight.

While consumers primarily purchase these window coverings for their ability to block light, they also offer other benefits. During the summer, close the drapes during the heat of the afternoon. They prevent solar heating of the room due to light energy entering through the window. Leave the curtains open during the day to gain the benefit of passive solar heating through the windows during the winter. Close them on cold winter nights to prevent heat loss through the glass.

Window treatments should add beauty to the room as well as function. Modern room darkening curtains are just as beautiful as other drapes that do not provide this function. They are available in many different styles and colors to meet individual needs and preferences. The primary difference is their ability to instantly transform a room from brightly lit to dark.

Blackout curtains add beauty to a room. Their function allows users to transform the space and eliminate exterior light. They are useful in the day as well as the night to give you control of the light level in a room.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.