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Unique Hot Chocolate Recipes

Hot Chocolate doesn’t have to be just a regular cup of cocoa, there are so many different ways to make it. Check out these yummy Unique Hot Chocolate Recipes.

Unique Hot Chocolate Recipes

I am sure you will find one for everyone in your family!

Temperatures are dropping, people are getting into a more festive spirit… the holidays are definitely here.

That means it is time for some hot cocoa.

I couldn’t be more thrilled! Christmas is definitely my favorite time of the year.

Hot chocolate is the coziest way to stay warm during the holidays.

Today, I’ve gathered 10 unique hot chocolate recipes – they’re just waiting for you to be indulged and enjoyed.

With my curated list, you can make it a point to try one as a part of your Christmas countdown.

This would be especially fun to do with the kiddos! With my list of unique hot chocolate recipes, you can experiment with different flavor profiles.

It’ll keep your family on their toes!

Red Velvet Hot Chocolate
Try this luxurious red velvet, in hot chocolate form! Everyone will love the color and the flavor, especially watching the marshmallows melt in the pretty red.
Check out this recipe
Turmeric Infused Healthy Hot Chocolate
A healthy hot chocolate loaded with all the superfoods needed to give your body a little boost. Unsweetened dark cacao, cinnamon, and turmeric combine with a tiny pinch of black pepper to help the body absorb the turmeric. It is creamy, frothy and comforting; a hot chocolate that will make you feel good.
Check out this recipe
Thin Mint Hot Chocolate
Thin Mint Hot Chocolate is simple and delicious. You make mix some up in a matter of minutes. It’s best enjoyed with some whipped cream and a Thin Mint on top.
Check out this recipe
Keto Bulletproof Hot Chocolate
This delicious creamy Keto bulletproof hot chocolate recipe is amazing! Thick, creamy and rich, and perfect for the cold weather.
Check out this recipe
Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix
This decadent homemade hot chocolate mix with 5 ingredients takes only minutes to make. Mini chocolate chips melt into the hot chocolate to make it extra delicious. Serve the luxurious hot chocolate in big mugs with dollops of whipped cream.
Check out this recipe
Italian Hot Chocolate
Italian Hot Chocolate is an easy recipe for the hot chocolate served in Italy. Rich chocolate that is thick, creamy, and silky smooth, you’ll need a spoon to “drink” this hot chocolate. And it’s so decadent you can even call it a dessert!
Check out this recipe
Pumpkin Spiced Hot Chocolate
Our Pumpkin Spiced Hot Chocolate made with real chocolate and milk is a creamy and delicious treat perfect for warming up on a brisk fall day.
Check out this recipe
White Hot Chocolate
There’s a delicious chocolate-fest going on in this cup of White Hot Chocolate with Dark Chocolate Whipped Cream. A warm and comforting drink is sure to satisfy all chocolate lovers.
Check out this recipe
Gingerbread Hot Chocolate
This yummy gingerbread recipe will warm you right up during the cold winter months and you likely have all the ingredients you need right in your pantry!
Check out this recipe
Nutella Hot Chocolate
Nutella Hot Chocolate is a rich and creamy hot drink that takes your favorite chocolate hazelnut spread to a whole new level!
Check out this recipe

There is nothing like cozying up on the couch or your favorite chair with a yummy cup of hot cocoa.

It warms your insides and just feels so right.

Whether you want to add a splash of booze or gift your hot chocolate concoction, we’ve got a hot chocolate here to delight every palate, and warm every tummy.

Hot chocolate goes good with just about anything, from cookie, crackers, and cake. Check out a couple of our favorites.

Hot Chocolate is a staple in our house during the colder months. And having Unique Hot Chocolate Recipes is a must in our house.

We love the traditions cocoa recipe, but sometimes we want something a little different.

Like white chocolate hot cocoa, or maybe an Italian hot chocolate.

My kids love the Nutella Hot Chocolate recipe! These recipes are all just so yummy!

Give one of these yummy concoctions a try and I am sure you will be delighted!

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