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Two Backpacks in ONE!

My daughter and backpacks!  Oh my, she has been very picky and driving me crazy! Mom…it doesn’t go with my outfits.  Why does the backpack have to match her clothing?  She is all about matching and being COLORFUL! On our search for backpacks, we came across MYCHOOZE.COM, and we fell in LOVE. She loves all the colors, but the best part is TWO BACKPACKS in ONE!  

2 Packs in 1!

From sneakers to sandals to leggings to dresses, Chooze offers a wide array of fun, brightly-colored prints specially designed with a child’s individuality and spirit in mind. Every garment is made using vegan materials, and even the boxes are made from recycled cardboard – and covered in patterns meant for coloring! Adorable clothes, shoes, and accessories.

Getting back to the backpacks…this is perfect for back to school.  Both sides of this pack have colors she wears so no more whining about it won’t match. My daughter filled her bag as soon as it came and gave me back her old backpack (one we got her last week) because Chooze is her DREAM BACKPACK! 


14113968_10154505381198872_1670261947_oCHOOZEPACKS bring the signature CHOOZE difference you love to a new level of possibility!

  • Ingenious reversible design features two functional sides giving children the power to choose which print to display
  • Padded convertible straps simply flip from side-to-side to provide a different look
  • Small Backpack is approximately 14″ Height x 10.5″ Width x 5″ Depth and Large Backpack is approximately 16.5″ Height x 12.5″ Width x 6″ Depth
  • Lunchbox is approximately 3″ Height x 10″ Width x 7.5′ Depth

I’m so impressed with the quality and the diversity of all the packs! There are packs for boys and girls plus I see a couple a would like to rock.  My daughter plans to change up her backpack to match her outfit…typical Tween! 

I know if I showed my daughter she will have me spending a lot of money.  Their outfits and shoes are amazing and so fresh.  I can see her rocking so many of their leggings and shoes.  Fantastic products.  

Check out MyChooze on FacebookInstagramTwitter to keep up to date on new products and sales! 



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.