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Trusource Protein Keeps your Fitness on Track in 2016



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Stay on Track with your Fitness Goals with Trusource!

protein fitness track

Trusource has a full line of protein products and drinks that will help you stay on track. From water to shakes Trusource will aid you in making healthy choices that can improve your lifestyle.

The new year has started and I am well on my way to making healthy choices. Every year, I , like most of you, make a resolution to eat healthier and be more active. I take my goals seriously and really try to make an improvement on my lifestyle. Let’s just say that if things progress and I make small improvements every year, by the time I am 80 I will be VERY healthy! Well, that is the plan at least.

trusource protein shake

I was thrilled to give Trusource a try since I always like to have a quick snack or meal on the go. I started out by tasting their Protein Shakes. I was amazed at how great the flavors tasted. Some protein shakes are dry or chalky and these were delicious. I really liked how full I felt after drinking them. This will really help me stay on track and shave off some of my daily calories since after I drank it, I was not hungry at all. The only difference I could tell between the Protein +Energy and the Anytime Protein is that the Protein +Energy Shake has caffeine in it. This was important since I like to watch my caffeine intake. I preferred the Anytime Protein even though it does have about 50 more calories per serving. Over all, each shake tasted great and has beneficial proteins that fill me up and keep me going.


Trusouce also has a pre-mixed protein water. These were very strong flavors. Each flavor was a little more than I was expecting. There is no added caffeine in these and they are only 80 calories per bottle. I am often fooled if it says 80 calories then you find out it is per serving, but this is a true 80 calories for the bottle.


Last, was this coffee flavored protein drink. You can flavor just about anything with coffee and that is reason enough for me to try it! I am hooked on this! The fact that it is great tasting with just enough coffee flavoring to get my tastes buds dancing and only 100 calories for the can has me hooked. Instead of stopping at my local coffee-house for an overpriced, calorie-loaded, coffee drink I can now turn to Protein Java! This has caffeine, of course, since it is made with real coffee so I make sure to substitute this instead of my daily cup to keep my caffeine levels low.

Trusource has multiple products that can help you stay on track this year with your fitness goals. Check them out at their website HERE, and online at FACEBOOK, TWITTER and INSTAGRAM.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.