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TriDerma Skincare has your skin covered!


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TriDerma Covers your skin with Care!

Gloria Vanderlaan needed a better option for her skin. Over 20 years ago she experienced a micro derm abrasion treatment that left her skin raw and uncomfortable. The only solution her doctor suggested was using Crisco on her face. She did not like that. She went on to create and develop an AP4® Aloe Vera Complex. This special ingredient is in everything TriDerma produces now since it embraces finding options that do not include prescription medicines. All of their products provide relief through botanical means instead of chemicals.

Keeping my skin healthy is hard. We all know that some lotions actually contain chemicals that make your skin dry out. So after the initial moisture has worn off your skin is dry and craving more lotion. Over and over this cycle continues. All the while your skin is craving real relief. Chemicals dry out your skin. That is why I am always looking for products that have natural ingredients to moisturize my skin. With summer in full swing, my skin is taking a beating from the sun.  I am thrilled to try out Triderma's line of skincare.

Three amazing TriDerma Skincare Products for summer!

TriDerma's Light and Delicate Sunscreen is a broad spectrum Spf30. This is a very light lotion that really smooths over your skin without leaving a residue of greasiness. I loved the light scent and ease of use. I like to use an SPF 30 because I know it will protect my skin on a daily basis. 

Intense Fast Healing Cream is a multi-purpose fast healing cream. This cream has many uses. It has over 200 healing properties. This helps your skin heal faster. This is great for use on cuts, scrapes, rashes, blisters, burns, sunburns, sores, and other hard-to-heal skin irritations. Since it is all natural it is safe to use on your kids and your pets.

Scar Block for kids is great to have on hand for the summer. You never know if your child will scrap their knee or elbow. This super effective cream helps to minimize scar tissue damage and promote healthy healing. Perhaps if I had this as a child I wouldn't have so many scars on my knees. 

Do you have scars from your childhood from lack of good skincare?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.