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Treat Dad to a “Cooking with Beer” Tour this Father’s Day!


With Fathers Day coming quickly around the corner, you probably are trying to figure out what to give. I know for me every year that passes it gets harder to figure out what we are doing next. You can only give so many ties, bbq sets, tools, handprints from the kids etc. After a while it starts to feel like your giving the same gift over and over again. This year is different, because I have Cooking With Beer by Mark Dredge and I can get a little creative (thanks to this book) while giving something I know he will enjoy! My plan is to create the perfect fathers day meal using the recipes from the book, and then of course gifting the book too!!Cooking wIth BeerIf your husband (or father) likes to cook or is a chef, fun cookbooks never loose their allure as gifts. However, this year I have decided that I am not just going to give any cookbook! I am going to give one I know he will enjoy reading and one that will get used. Cooking with Beer is more than just a cookbook, it covers more than just a few recipes with beer. The book starts with includes informational topics like: Using Beer in the Kitchen and A Guide to Beer Styles.Cooking with beer2The recipes in Cooking with Beer include everything from Breakfast, starters, Main Courses and even Beer Ice Cream (this I have to try).  As I already mentioned, I am going to be picking a full day of meals from this book using recipes that I know he will enjoy. What a fun way to have a Fathers Day, Beer for Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, Dinner and Dessert!! He’s gonna be beer’d out!

My meal plan is as follows:

Breakfast: I can’t yet choose between the Weissbier Frittata and the Hefewizen French Toast (leaning toward the french toast).

Lunch: Lager and Lime Chicken Tacos

Snack/Starter: Sour Beer Ceviche (I plan to use Dolphin-Mahi since it’s easy to get fresh here)

Dinner: Boilermaker Ribe with Dipa Slaw and IPA Cornbread

Dessert: Oktoberfest Cheesecakecookingwith beer 3My meals for fathers day include a variety of beers so I have to plan ahead but I think this will be really fun for him and really fun for me to do! I cannot wait to take him on a tour of beer though his meals! Plus of course, he can have some actual beer to dink too since all the alcohol is cooked out of the meals.

If you want to check out the awesome recipes mentioned above, head over to to order.

Visit with the author Mark Dredge at and on Google.


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