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Travel Well with Travalo travel size!


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Travalo is a great way to take your own favorite perfume on the go. In just a few simple steps you can have your own perfume in a travel size container that is perfect for airplanes or for your purse. This handy container refills in just seconds and has a patented Genie-S refill technology that makes it able to refill size

Travalo helps you travel well with your favorite perfume!

I love perfumes. It is so nice to have them handy so that I can try a different scent every day. Sometimes when I am out and about for a whole day, I like to refresh my makeup and perfume. The hard part is that some of my favorite perfumes are not offered in travel size. I really don’t like to take the whole bottle with me just in case I would drop it or it would spill somehow. So, usually I am just left with a couple different types of perfumes that offer travel size. I have even found Christmas ornaments that are filled with small bottles of perfume when I can’t find travel size. 

Travalo is so easy to use. It is literally just a few sprays and you have a travel size bottle of your favorite perfume ready to throw in your purse. Now that I use my Travalo bottle, I have my favorite perfume in my purse at all times. When it gets empty, I just place it on my full bottle at home and press down a few times and it is filled! travel size 

I love how easy it is to keep perfume with me at all times.

You just never know if you are going to need to refresh half way through the day. There is nothing like smelling good to give my energy a size

This bottle helps you travel well, since it is approved for flying. You can save time and space by taking your Travalo bottle. Instead of lugging around full size bottles of your favorite perfume. Check out all the fun styles and colors of bottles available on the website. I am sure you will be able to find one that fits your style! Do you carry perfume with you every day?



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.