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Travel Neck Wallet #Florious

Since we went on the first cruise, we have become, travelers and love it. The only thing I worried about was all of my valuables when we are walking around. You're in a different country and you know that people will try and snatch your stuff. So when I do go out walking we use a backpack, I wanted something a little smaller. When I found the Neck purse that was perfect for us to carry what we need when we are off the boat. There are three roomy sewn in pockets, to hold maps and other ID, cash, etc. It velcros shut, so you needn't worry about snaps breaking. I think it would be harder for a pickpocket to grab. The Neck string is sturdy yet comfortable. Every part is made from recycled materials.

Easily adjustable neck strap for tall and short persons and anyone in between. Wear comfortably on the chest or position diagonally under the armpit for extra protection, the mesh-fabric backing is designed to wear comfortably and cooly. This would of been perfect for the first cruise we went on.


This travel pouch is definitely the way to go! I have never owned anything like this before and honestly, it really solves so many of my problems! It has 6 pockets, total. I can fit all of my credit cards and ID inside this pouch, Cash money and also my cell phone. Plus its RFID blocking. There is plenty of room for a printed out map as well, which is nice while hiking. You could toss your keys inside here too, there is enough room.  We carry our passports, credit cards and phones in this.

You can wear it around your neck and hide it under your shirt or jacket to keep your things safe from pick pocketing. It also has an adjustable strap so that it can be worn over the shoulder. Perfect for your vacation anyplace. You could check here for some of the best and cheap neck wallet you can bring along while travelling.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.