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Travel in Style and Stay Organized with BeltOutlet


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Save Precious Travel Space and Stay organized with a Walter & Ray Messenger Bag from has every thing you need to travel. They have bags and accessories that have the features you need to stay organized while on the go. Whether in the air or at home, you can find the
accessories you need at

Belt outlet has this amazing messenger bag by Walter & Ray. This bag has some very wonderful features that I know you will love. 

  • Fits perfectly in airline seat back pockets with magnetic pouch.
  • Can carry your tablet, phone, wallet, travel documents, snacks, cords, ear buds and more.
  • Two bonus accessories; zippered pouch ideal for cords and dual slot boarding pass document holder with magnetic closure.
  • Includes shoulder or cross body strap and a nifty Velcro strap to secure to your luggage handle.


This bag is amazing. I really am very excited to use it on an airplane. It is very compact and made from great materials so it can survive any trip. I love how much room is available for me to store everything I need to keep me happy on a plane for hours. The bright color is great so that when I am packing up my items to board, I remember to grab my bag.  The document holders are perfect sized to hold my boarding passes and identification. This is awesome so I stay organized and I have everything I need in one place. 


The bag is expandable and it easily fits my small electronics as well as snacks. It is made from a sturdy material that I feel confident will hold all of my valuables during my trip. There are two options for the strap. A cross body or shoulder. I prefer using cross body when I travel since I want to be sure my bag will stay put and not fall off my shoulder.

The amount space you are given on a plane seems to be continually decreased. I mean sometimes I feel like you get to know the people sitting next to you a little too well. The pocket in front of your seat usually has a magazine and an emergency pamphlet. I love that this messenger bag fits perfectly in that pocket in front of you and is secured by magnets. This makes me comfortable knowing everything I need during my flight will be right where I can reach it.

Overall, I was very impressed with this messenger bag. has so much more for you to browse. I loved looking at all of the amazing products they sell. 


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.