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Touch a Loved One’s Heart Brighten Their Recovery Road with The Hospital Box

    Do you have a beloved family member, or dear friend that has been ill? Are you looking to make them smile and brighten their day? If you answered yes to any of these, then The Hospital Box is what you need.

The Hospital Box

The Hospital Box

    The idea behind The Hospital Box is to give some cheer to an ailing loved one. It's simple, yet sensational. The Hospital Box is the perfect keepsake kit to make someone smile.

 What's included?

    Each Hospital Box Keepsake Kit comes with three soft cotton bags. One says, “open when you get this.” Another one says, “open when you feel bored.” The third one says, “open when you need a hug.” Each bag measures five inches by eight inches, and is designed for you to put a special item in each. Maybe that would be some of your loved ones favorite treats, a small puzzle book, a small coloring book, or a keepsake that may bring a smile to their face.

    The kit also includes the feel better box. It measures ten inches, by ten inches, by twelve inches, and is perfect for adding all of your chosen goodies too. It also comes with twenty-one decorative stickers.

Hospital box bags

Add some fun decor

    The fun part is decorating your Hospital Box. Use the enclosed stickers and add photos, inspirational pictures, or even some funnies clipping from the Sunday newspaper. Whatever you think will cheer up your loved one. An idea my husband suggested is using the stickers to attach a few lottery scratch offs (for adults.) The possibilities are endless, and it's a great project to involve your children into as well. 

Hospital box

Add more goodies

    The Hospital Box is big enough that you can add many more items to make your loved ones day. Some crosswords, or puzzle books, a cute stuffed animal, more edible goodies (because we all know hospital food isn't always yummy,) and so much more. I was in the hospital about a year ago, and I'll tell you what I really wanted. I wanted hand lotion, chap stick, and hard candies. My day was made when my son and husband walked in with those items!

Where to buy

    To get one (or more) for someone you love, head to The Hospital Box website. You can also find them on Amazon. Shipping is free and there's NO minimum order! They're social too, so look for them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.