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Top Three Club Dress Colors To Wear This Spring

Ah, spring is finally and officially in the air! It has been highly anticipated by many of us, especially those of us who have suffered from some of the worst snowstorms of the century. However, with the spring comes warmth, and with warmth comes with good times, sunshine, fun colors, and plenty of fashion favorites.

Of course, there are a multitude of different places you can go to if you are ready to celebrate the spring festivities. You could always go out on a nice date with your husband, fiancé, or boyfriend by taking a walk through the park. Another wonderful and unforgettable option is to go out for a picnic and let that glorious springtime sun come crashing down on you with each and every glimmer of warmth. Oh, and let us not forget about venturing out to the closest city—whether it is New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, New Orleans, Los Angeles—it does not matter, because with spring weather, all is well.

If you do decide to venture out to the city, however, especially with a couple of your girlfriends, then you could do a series of different fun activities. Of course, the first would be to shop, the second would be to go to the bar, and the third would be to hit up a fancy club. This way, you can celebrate the springtime in style. But, wait a minute—what colors for club dresses are hot this year for the springtime?

This year, you are going to want to focus on three different colors which are making a big impact on spring fashion. The very first color may surprise you, but here it is:


Yes, orange is a big color this year for the spring. Whether you choose to wear a tight solid orange dress, a sequin orange top, or a skirt plastered in orange patterns, this is the color to go for. It is somewhat suitable: after all, it is an upbeat and happy color.

The second color is a no-brainer: pink! If you are feeling a bit more girly, than it is a wide idea to opt for pastel pinks or rose pinks. However, to make that hot transformation from spring into summer, do not forget to wear magenta. This color is popping and flatters many skin types. Of course, if you are tan and you wear a magenta dress, this will help you to really show your stuff.

The last—but not least—color option for the spring is green. It makes sense; with flowers blossoming all about us, green is a perfect color choice. We mostly see green in our plants, in the trees, on the leaves of the beautiful orchids and dandelions we see, so green is an understandable choice. Any variation works—neon green is a big one this spring, though.

When you go to the club, make sure to opt for an orange, pink, or green color choice. Even if it is somewhere hidden in your outfit—such as your heels—then you should flaunt these fabulous colors on the dance floor. And, most importantly, have fun!

About the author Michele Bowie is a fashion blogger and social media marketer. She has been in the industry for a few years now and enjoys her job thoroughly. Writing about fashion, beauty, and makeup are some of her absolute favorite subjects. She lives in New Jersey with her pet Chihuahua Tina, he accompanies her while she writes her blog posts

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.