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Top Tail-Wagging Gifts for Pet Lovers

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The holiday season is all about finding the right gift for the right person, or in some cases, the right pets. That pet-loving friend might have the biggest, best television around, but do they have a vacuum that can handle the endlessly shedding fur, or a litter box that takes all of the pain out of cleaning? Pet gifts are more than rawhides and catnip mice toys. Pets and pet parents can benefit from the latest tech solutions. With the American Veterinary Medical Association reporting that there are more than 140 million cats and dogs in loving homes in the U.S., it’s no wonder that there’s a variety of gifts to choose from.

Practical Gifts

Pets bring plenty of joy to your heart, but they also bring a lot of fur to your home. One gift that is particularly well-received is a high-end vacuum designed to tackle fur and dander. Find them at stores like Macy’s and other department stores, where you’ll find Dyson and other well-known brands ranging in the $300 and above price range.

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Litter box scooping is the least glamorous part of owning a cat, so if you know of any long suffering cat owners who can’t handle the arduous task anymore, consider a LitterMaid system as a gift. This automated system is programmable and keeps the box cleaned for the kitties. It ranges from $170 to $210, depending on the model.

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Sleeping on the floor in winter is a chilly prospect for many animals. Petmate heated beds for dogs and cats not only give furry friends a place to sleep comfortably, the beds are also warm enough that you may be able to get your cat off of the laptop for once. The price range runs approximately $30 to $50, depending on the size.

Fun and Adventurous Gifts

Want to keep a pet lover smiling throughout the entire year? Monthly subscription boxes are available for many products, and dog treats and toys are no exception. The Bark Box is a $19 per month box filled with dog related products. Some examples of what you get in this box include organic rawhides, chew toys, balls and specialty dog treats.

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Does your cat come back to the house looking like they’ve been through a war? Would you like to see the world through your dog’s eyes? The Dogtek Eyenimal video camera line is designed specifically to be worn by cats and dogs. It records their adventures throughout the land, and the cat version of the video camera even has night vision mode so you aren’t left wondering what’s going on when the sun goes down and the cat is yowling into the night. The general pet camera they offer is $99, while the cat specific video camera is $129.

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