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Top Rated Cujo Control Dog Training Collar Blog #cujocontrol

When it comes to my dogs, they are pretty much trained, for the most part. The Top Rated Cujo Control Dog Training Collar is perfect for our Sheppard Kia. She got a terrible habit of barking at people for no reason, who live in the house. We didn't want to do something, that would hurt her in any way, we made sure to research this.

This training kit will help train your dog and maintain his performance. There are three training tools to choose from – tone, vibrate, or shock. The package includes one wireless remote, one collar/receiver, two batteries, along with a test light and contact points. We used the tone one because we didn't want to make, her afraid of the collar. The first time on she could care less as soon as the tone sounded she sat and looked, she stopped the next time she didn't and it was louder. But I have to say this is the best thing, she is done with the barking of people in the house, and if she forgets, we show her the collar and she's gone. Shes a big lap dog and shes protecting us, but from the wrong people.

At the first bark, the Cujo Control bark collar applies a short warning tone. If a second bark occurs within thirty seconds, it uses a more intense warning tone. On the third bark, another intense tone is applied along with a short, mild shock.

This pattern is repeated through 7 correction levels. The first two levels are only with a warning tone. If your dog continues to bark through the next five levels, the intensity of the sound and shock will progressively increase after each bark. If your dog stops barking for 30 seconds between correction, the anti bark collar will automatically reset to the first “tone only” level of correction.

Would use this knowing, it doesn't hurt the dog?


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.