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Top 8 Gift Ideas For Boys

Top 8 Gift Ideas For BoysNeed to find a toy for that child in your life, and finding it hard? Boys can be so hard to shop for if you don’t know what you’re looking for.  Boys are so much fun and have a ton of energy. I like to keep the boys in my life busy, which is why these gift ideas are awesome.

#1. Any type of ball

Balls are the secret trick to keeping boys busy. They, of course, come in a variety of sizes, most are portable enough to take with them to the park, or grandma and grandpa’s house. You wouldn’t think much creativity could come from a ball, but there are many games that boys can make up, involving a basic ball. Monkey in the Middle, kickball, four square, they all started with a ball. Also, there aren’t many boys who will walk by a stray ball, without instantly kicking or throwing it, to see how far it will go.

#2. Scooter or bicycle

Boys love staying busy, which is why a scooter or bike is a great gift idea for a boy. It is the perfect toy that allows them a break from television screens, tablets, and phones. Either one will also help them soak up some of the sun’s vitamin D while enjoying the fresh air, and they can also help them fine-tune their gross motor skills. It is a great source of exercise, and a way to socialize. Many boys have the fondest childhood memories that involve going on adventures with their bike around the neighborhood, with friends.

#3. LEGO of any kind

Boys have loved playing with LEGO since they came out many years ago. Let their imaginations shine through, as they build cities, towers, cars, boats, airplanes, houses, and who knows what else. Minecraft, Ninjago, and Star Wars are just a few of the themed sets you can purchase, but you can never go wrong with the good ole’ classic bricks, that come in numerous colors and sizes. If they have access to a phone or camcorder, they can even shoot mini action films with their creations.

#4. Dress up costumes

Boys love dressing up in superhero costumes and any other type of costume they can get their hands on. What a great way for them to role-play their idols and heroes, inside the house, or outside the house. We have all seen Superman or Spider-Man fighting off the bad guys in the produce department, while mom or dad picks up ingredients for tonight’s dinner.

#5. Drones are a must

Boys love discovering, which is why drones are an awesome idea for boys. Of course, anything remote control can do the trick. The great thing about drones is that they have become very popular, so you can find them in a variety of sizes and models. Keep in mind the age of the boy that you are purchasing one for, as some are more advanced than others. The basic drones will be easier to maneuver, for younger gift recipients. Some drones come equipped with a camera, and some of them can even be controlled with smartphones. Also think about getting some extra batteries, for extended enjoyment.

#6. Matchbox cars

Just because times are changing it doesn’t mean boys cannot enjoy playing with Matchbox cars still. Matchbox cars and Hot Wheels cars are some of the most budget-friendly gifts. They are super easy to pack up for road trips and small enough to not take up much room in the toy room. While you can’t go wrong with the motorized tracks that shoot the car around a loop, there are other options, that will allow them to be creative and make their own tracks. Don’t you just love purchasing the “add on” tracks separately? Boys can make bridges across the couch, ramps, or even simple roads from one room to the next. It’s also nice that they are cheap enough that you can just purchase a couple of sets for outdoor play.

#7. Sporting gear

Boys love bats, balls, basketballs, and anything else they can use to play sports. Sporting gear makes a great gift for boys. Playing sports is a great way for kids to make new friends, and socialize. It is another activity to improve their hand-eye coordination, as well as keeping them active, and burning some of their energy, from their mysterious, ever flowing source. Plus, it will give you a bit of free time, plus you will have the opportunity to meet other parents and socialize. Find which sport they are passionate and run with it.

#8. Drawing kit

Not only can boys play with balls, bikes, and cars, they can also explore drawing. Get the boy in your life a drawing kit to help him explore his creative side. Art is a fantastic way for one to express themselves. Feelings and creativity will shine through their work, instantly. It is perfect any time of day or year, while many other activities are weather pending, or need adult supervision. The best part is that it will help build their self-esteem when they see their work hanging on the refrigerator, or when they get a call from Grandma about how much she loves the drawing that he sent her.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.