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Top 5 Ways To Decorate Your Kitchen Cabinets

Top 5 Ways To Decorate Your Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is the part of the house where we all spend plenty of time. It's a place for cooking, sharing your meals with others, and drinking coffee in the morning. It is then important to take care of the space so that you can enjoy your daily routine with the whole family. If you have enough time and money, you can always redecorate your kitchen completely – paint the walls, change the floor and invest in the latest equipment. But what if the means are not so great and you don't want to put much effort into renovating space at home? Well, it's still possible to add a bit of freshness to without significant expense. One of the ways is to redecorate your kitchen cabinets. They're an element that attracts attention at first glance, so it's vital to have them charming and stylish. Usually, it's enough to change the colour or the door to make a difference. How can you do it? We provide five top and easy ways to make your cabinets impressive.

1. Paint them up

Changing the colour of the door seems to be the best way to make your cabinets look like new, as typically – if they're built-in – the front is the only visible part. The target colour depends on the effect that you want to get – when your space needs more ‘energy' and light, the choice of energetic colours like orange, yellow, or pink will be perfect. If you want to get an effect of elegance and modernity, stick to the shades of grey, white, and caramel. To get a more subtle but original effect, try using colouring sprays instead of paint. Painting only the inside parts of the door is a brilliant idea for those who don't want to make big changes, but they're willing to some energy into their daily routine. 

2. Personalize

If you want to create a cosy interior with familiar atmosphere, you can always personalize the cabinets in your kitchen. One way to do that is to stick up photo prints to the furniture's door. The sticky stripes may work well to attach the pictures to the outside/inside of the cabinet. Another way of making the kitchen equipment more personal is to choose favourite quotes and print them as postcards or stickers. That idea is perfect for those who like experimenting with design – you can change the design as often as you like. If you search for nice ideas to improve the look of your interior, you can get inspired by the ideas found online, for example, on BestBugdet.

3. Stick around

Another good idea for decoration enthusiasts is using stickers. There are loads of them available online, in all sizes, shapes, and prints. You can choose from floral ones, through geometrical shapes to motivational quotes that will help you to empower the start of your day. Stickers are easy to attach, remove, and replace with new ones. The cabinets will instantly get a fresh, original look.

4. Replace the knobs or handles 

Knobs or handles are another important element of cabinet design. They usually are not an element that we care about, but with a little effort, they could become a lovely ornament. You can choose decorative ones, for instance, those in floral shapes, or make it simple and stick to traditional wooden knobs. The range of available handles and knobs is vast. It's good to member, though, that above all need to be practical, because they store things we often use.

5. Experiment with styles

In order to make all the kitchen items match each other, it's good to make a general choice of style in the interior. You can think of vintage design – with architectural elements and beadboard cabinets, or choose a modern one –  based on single colour, minimalistic elements. If you prefer cottage, traditional design with lots of flowers and wood, then wicker elements of cabinets will help to create the atmosphere. You can add flowers and old-fashion paintings to finish it up.

All renovations in the house seem to be quite a challenge, as they need to combine practicality with design, low costs and good quality. However, you don't need to make a revolution to make your kitchen look fresh and innovative. Once you manage to transform your cabinets, either by painting them up, or decorating with stickers, it's good to think about the rest of the interior and make the elements match each other. Cabinets, as they are one of the most visible parts of the kitchen, may be a great starting point to do that.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.