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Toogli Stroller Hooks For Mommy #strollerhooks

Toogli Stroller Hooks

When I had my daughter my son was already 5. and as a mother trying to handle two kids plus all the other stuff can become a hazard. Now a days there are so many useful gadgets that, you can use to get everything you need into a place all at once. Toogli has made stroller hooks, that are a moms best friend.

These hoooks can help you to get a handle on diaper and shopping bags when you can take a load off your weary arms with Toogli’s extra large stroller hooks? Perfect for hanging diaper bags, shopping bags, purses, toys and more. Now your hands can be free to take care of more inportant things, your children. No more struggling to carry all the stuff, plus the kids.

These are so huge that you can clip the bag anywhere on the stroller. I’ve used them to carry grocery sacks and even clip my bag to the shopping cart. With out any issies. This would of been perfect when the kids were little, there were days when I had everything in my arms plus the two kids. Whats best is they are designed to fit all strollers, and joggers.

Another thing I find awesome is nothing to big or small for these, they are made to hold the toughest of jobs, and they are made strong . these hooks look great and are made from virtually indestructible air-craft grade aluminum and will last forever . Thats something all mothers love, the fact that we can have these for years to come. For their size, they’re lightweight. They fit easily in the diaper bag and are great for hooking the bag to shopping carts and strollers.

Why struggle to get a handle on diaper and shopping bags when you can take a load off your weary arms and make your outings even more enjoyable with Toogli’s extra large stroller hooks. Make great gifts for mommys to be.

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