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Tired of Baby Socks that Fall Off? BabyFit Forever Stay Put

The challenge of the sock that stays on baby's foot has plagued poor helpless mothers for quite some time. One day you decide to take a stroll with baby though the mall and then you look down, that moment of doom is upon you, the sock has vanished and your child now only has one covered foot. You have two options, look frantically around baby and the last set of stores you just were in OR get out a new pair of socks to keep baby's foot warm. Fortunately, there is finally a sock that is here to stay, it's called BabyFit Forever and it's specially designed to not slip off your baby's foot exposing their precious toes the cold. Most socks that actually do stay on baby's foot have a tendency to be too tight thus, cutting off circulation causing baby's foot to turn purple and not the cute kind of purple. BabyFit Forever socks will not cause harm to those sweet toes because they have a non-constraining elastic banding and they breathe nicely. I honestly did not think that my 4 1/2 week old's feet would fit into these socks. However, I am glad to say not only does her tiny teeny little footsies fit into the socks but they DO in fact STAY ON! Can you believe it? I am still quite flabbergasted!

No more hide and seek games with lost socks, no more cold feet, no more buying pointless rounds of socks only to loose them again! I can put her in a stroller or car seat and finally stop looking down every other second to make sure her feet are still covered! BabyFit Forever socks come in a set of 4 pairs for boys and girls and fit babies 0-12months. BabyFit Forever socks arrive in a perfect display box making them a fantastic gift for all babies and new mommies. There are 4 great packs of socks to choose,  Pretty in Pink or Rock Star for the girls and Funky Man Blue or Mini Man Blue for the boys. I really enjoyed the Rock Star Set I received for my little one.  BabyFit Forever also has a great selection gloves for ages 3-5 available in 4 selections, Polka Dots, Hearts, Blue Stripes and Red Stripes. The gloves are designed with grippers that allow little ones to be able to use their hands without frustration while still keeping them warm. Hurry over to BabyFit Forever online and grab your gloves and socks with Free Shipping and stop wasting money with lost socks.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.