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Tie Clips. Simple, Elegant and Perfect Gifts

I am not sure if there is any house in America that has not bought a tie for Dad, Grandpa, Uncle, Brother for Christmas. It's sort-of a must especially if that guy wears suits to work. However, sometimes that great tie needs a tie clip to help keep it from sliding out of the suit or finding it's way into a bowl of chili at lunch. If you haven't considered purchasing a tie clip for that wonderful guy you might want supplies a great selection of affordable Tie Clips that are stylish and do in fact, keep said tie out of harms way. The Clips sell for only $20 and are available in 12 designs, and come in a nice little gift bag to store the clip in when it is not in use. The Art Deco Clip is simple and sleek for a more business look while the mustache and football/sports clips are a bit more fun. No matter what guy in your life your buying for there is a clip that is sure to fit his style and personality.kevincrossdesigns has a great Fundraiser Program for any organization looking to find something to help raise funds. When your group is working with the program everything that is needed is provided for you. Including,  letters for emails, program flyers and more. Every tie that is sold for fundraising efforts earns $5 making this a great Holiday or Father's day fundraiser!

About the Designer:

I have been designing and making things my entire life. In fact, I remember how ridiculously excited I was when I received my first set of real (although child-size) tools. I was just six years old. Finally, I thought, I’d be able to start turning my artistic visions into reality! By the time I designed and built the winning entry in my pack’s Cub Scout Pinewood Derby, I was completely hooked on design.

Today I’m a college student studying Industrial Design (i.e. Product Design) at Cal State Long Beach. I’m having a blast learning how to design everything from household goods to furniture to electronics to cars. And I’m developing my design aesthetic, which I’d currently describe as both modern and organic. What does this mean? When it’s possible and appropriate, I like my design to have clean lines as well as a sense of movement and flow. These tie clips are my first product line. If you’re interested in seeing some of my other work, please follow me on Pinterest.

Be sure to check out my favorite tie clip the mustache clip and see the other great tie clip designs at kevincoss.comdisclosure



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.