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Three Important Camping Essentials!

There are a few very important essentials that people need when they go camping in my opinion! One of the most important things is a great flashlight! We all know that if you’re truly camping and you have to make those trips to the woods during your trip, no one wants to go out in the woods in the dark in a strange environment. The BYB 700 lumens handheld flashlight is not only great for this, it’s also great of an every day flashlight and something that will always come in handy around the house! What I love about it most is the fact that it is rechargeable so you don’t have to worry about continuing to buy batteries which can get very expensive! It has five different modes that you can set it on and it remembers what mood you were in the last time you used it! It’s a brighter than any flashlight I used it it is even water resistant!Flashlight


Another great item to have when you’re camping is a good lantern. The BYB super bright portable LED camping lantern will give you night vision around your campsite. I was amazed at how bright the small lantern was and how much it lights up the area. It is also water resistant and collapsible so you can push it up and down to cut it on and off.  It also saves space when it is off because of the small size. This only requires three AAA batteries but it puts off enough light that you would think that it had 5D batteries in it. This would also work great if your power was out because it could light up a whole room! It’s Very heavy duty and great for any emergency event!

water bottle

The last item that I feel is important whenever you’re going camping is a great durable water bottle! The Fnova insulated stainless steel water bottle has a double walled vacuum thermos flask and three different caps that you can interchange! It will keep your items cold for 24 hours and if you have hot beverages it will keep them hot for 12 hours. All three of these items are very essential in not only every day life but even if you’re planning a camping trip! They can be purchased at


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.