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Theres Hope For Animals Out There

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Susies Hope

Based on a true story. Heartbreaking yet heartwarming. Sheds light on the horror and truth of animal abuse (Susie’s horrific ordeal as well as the poor pit bull left tied to a tree when family moved away.). It also sheds light on the tragedy of unwanted animals being euthanized and cremated. Yet the beauty of human heart shows through as kind people come together to save Susie and give her the chance at life she deserves.

This is close to home for me. we have saved every one of the dogs we have. And our lady is half pit and shepherd she’s got the stocky build of a pit, and the coloring of a shepherd. Pits are always seen as a bad dog, but the truth is they are 100 percent protective and loyal to their family. We have never had any issues with the others and lady. Shes the gentle giant, granted her bark is scary but she has never gone after anyone. You raise your dog to be the way they act, and how they behave is totally on you, this is why a pit has a bad name.

Based on a true story that has led to the passing of the law Susie’s Law in North Carolina, this law seeks stricter punishment for animal abusers. Which I find is great, there are way to many people who want a pet, then when they don’t they either hurt them, kill them, or kick them out. Donna Lawerence is a pit bull attack survivor, she made it her mission to help these beautiful dogs. Her relationship with this pit bull mix puppy, left beaten and burned has become a true story.

Picture Of Susie

A little about Susie she was beaten for just licking the new borns face, they beat her so bad that her jaw was broken and her teeth were knocked out and the poor baby was burned and left for dead. Thank goodness someone found her. Donna soon realizes it’s not the dogs fault, it’s the owners for neglecting and abusing these poor animals. Donna had been through so much from her attack, the attack changed her life forever , she lost her baby and the attack left her to never be able to have any more.. She adopted this puppy and named her Susie.

She raised th money to help and care for Susie and welcomed her into their home. Where together they learned to heal and forgive, and now they led a historic effort to seek justice and protection, not only for Susie but for all animals who are abused and mistreated, A powerful and an incredible story, she took what happened to her and turned it around to not only, help Susie but others who suffered what she did.  This was a touching story and makes me want to love up on my dogs more, they are all loved and cared for. Hate to see any dog hurt and abused by anyone for no reason.  Susie has left a place in my heart and I am glad that our lady choose us to be her family. 

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this DVD , go towards the Susie’s Hope nonprofit, a charity that provides and foster awareness of the animal abuse, that exists in our nation and work to end it. 

You can get your copy of Susies story here

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