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The UnDiet Cookbook

The UnDiet CookbookHow many diets have you tried? If you are anything like me probably too many to count. And why do they all fail? Well, for me, it’s because I feel restricted or deprived or the food is just nasty. But what if you looked at your diet and decided to change your lifestyle? Wouldn’t that be more productive? Instead of depriving yourself and restricting yourself for set amount of time, wouldn’t it be better to educate yourself and change your habits? I think it would. And so does Meghan Telpner. Meghan wrote the book The UnDiet Cookbook. It’s more of a lifestyle hence the UnDiet. 

I was recently diagnosed with Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome which means I need a big lifestyle change. I need to follow a diet similar to one of a diabetic and start cutting out those carbs. The UnDiet Cookbook has 130 gluten free recipes! Cutting gluten out of your diet seems to bring an improvement in your health. It’s definately something I strive for. But finding recipes that are delicious can be a challenge.  I’m not saying you need to make an abrupt change but substituting a little a recipe from the UnDiet Cookbook here or there can help make your transition a little easier. 

So what types of recipes are in this cookbook? It’s a little bit of everything. There are fancy drink recipes, appetizers, dips, soups, salads, main dishes, desserts and even a condiment section plus much more. But unlike other cookbooks Meghan addresses your lifestyle. She helps you see how this can fit into your life. Like a step by step guide to entertaining or how to travel and stay with it. I like how she teaches you to incorporate it into your beauty routine with some DIY recipes, like a homemade conditioner. See this is not a diet. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a road map on how to live a more holistic, healthy, lifestyle.

You can follow Megan on Twitter to learn about more delicious recipes and health tips. If you want your own copy check out her website  where she has even more tips and both of her books available to purchase.


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