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The Lives We Lead by Alexandra Egi

The Lives We Lead by Alexandra Egi

Age Range: 8 – 12 years
Paperback: 256 pages
Publisher: Mascot Books (November 3, 2015)
Language: English

The Lives We Lead by Alexandra Egi is a great young reader book about the friendships between a group of girls in a boarding school setting with all of their ups and downs. My youngest daughter is in middle school. She has gone through some changes in her core group of friends she had in grade school, so she was able to connect to the experiences of the girls in this story.

The main characters in the story (Zoey, Jenni, Ashley & the new girl, Madi) go through some pretty heavy stuff such as sibling relationship distress, boy trouble, divorce, having celebrity parents, birth secrets, an eating disorder, cruelty toward each other, and personal betrayal on top of the normal school issues like grades and planning for their futures.

I think Ms. Egi handles the plot well and the story seems to flow with ease. Pretty impressive for a first time author. In this age of literary series’, I could easily see these characters going on to have more adventures.

The Lives We Lead by Alexandra Egi

I know it’s silly but I’m kind of a sucker for pretty fonts, and I really enjoyed the font used for the chapter headings. That’s not to say I mean to recommend this book for that reason, though, just an observation on my part.

I read this book in two days, though I wouldn’t say it’s a very short book. With over 250 pages, there is plenty of room for adequate character development and to transition between the situations the characters find themselves embroiled in with relative ease. The fact that the story flowed well, definitely helped keep me interested and wanting to know what’s coming next.

So, Ms. Egi, what does come next? Will you be penning more stories featuring Zoey, Jenni, Ashley and Madi? :)


Kings Stand is one of the most exclusive prep schools in the country, but the lives behind these ivy-covered walls are far from perfect. Led by Ms. Hillcrest, a headmistress with a dark secret, the privileged students face difficult families, fear, heartbreak, abandonment, and uncertain futures. Eleventh graders Zoey, Madi, Jenni, and Ashley must each conquer their private troubles, tearing the group apart. Moving past their issues will take friendship, dedication, and self-confidence. If the girls learn more about themselves, their relationships, and the importance of special bonds, they will come out of these battles stronger and ready to move into healthier adulthoodsbut can they separate their egos and hurt feelings for their own good?

The Lives We Lead by Alexandra EgiI think this is a fantastic first novel for author, Alexis Egi, and I’m interested to see how she develops her craft in the future. I can’t believe that Ms. Egi is only seventeen years old! My 12-yr.-old daughter has expressed interest in reading more from Ms. Egi, as well.

My tween liked this book very much. Would yours?






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