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The Finishing Touch with Lisa Hoffman Perfume

I am a huge fan of perfume. Hence, the picture of my giant collection. 

I am a strong supporter of smelling good, and deodorant, and soap, and hygiene… something I wish people at my school would learn to love as well (that's partially a joke–but really…). One thing I think most people can agree on is that nice scents are timelessly pleasant. Whether it's sitting by the ocean and smelling the mixture of salt and sunscreen, or going for a walk in the middle of autumn when the air is crisp and tastes like the upcoming winter, nothing is better than taking in a deep breath and not being completely grossed out. 

I think I've made my point of my love for cleanliness and tasteful scents. (I also have a giant candle collection).

In all seriousness, I was recently given the opportunity to try some perfumes from Lisa Hoffman Beauty. I was really excited because not only do I love perfume, but the holidays are coming up and there are many instances in which I'm looking for a new scent to wear, or a great gift idea to give my friends. You can never go wrong with perfume, and Hoffman's fragrances are truly creative and unique, with individual scents that make it hard to choose which you want to wear because they all smell so good.

Hoffman additionally has an extremely creative brand of jewelry that combines beautiful necklaces and bracelets with smelling good. This is something that really stood out to me. Basically, it's perfume jewelry. Or as she calls them, fragrance necklaces. As stated on her website, “it's perfume, we just reinvented the packaging”. The charms smell like your favorite bottle of perfume! 

Anyway, back to the regular perfume. I was given the opportunity to experiment with three delicious fragrances: Madagascar Orchid, Brazilian Begonia, and Tunisian Neroli. Choosing my favorite definitely wasn't easy, but I have to admit I truly enjoyed Madagascar Orchid the most. 

Madagascar Orchid is floral-based. It is extremely romantic, sweet, and breath-taking; it's like walking through a garden. Madagascar Orchid is a sensual perfume inspired by femininity, romance, and true love. This scent is addicting and smooth, and lingers for a long time. Only $65.00 for the full bottle, this would be a great gift to consider for a wife or girlfriend… and also a lovely perfume to wear on a date. I'd pair it with dark maroon nails and long eyelashes and voila, you're making a statement. 

On the other hand, Brazilian Begonia is a more dominating perfume.  Rather than being soft and gentle, it is much more in-your-face with enticing accents of lemon-lime, sandalwood, cedar, spicy frankincense, amber musk, and vanilla. It all ties together with exotic flowery scents creating a fiery perfume that is bold and beautiful. This scent, for some reason, was really powerful yet calming to me. I adored how different it was compared to most the scents I wear, and truly recommend it to someone looking for something daring. Also $65.00, this is a brilliant perfume for any woman who adores unique scents. 

Lastly, Tunisian Neroli was a lot of fun to try. It is an extremely exciting perfume that is attention-grabbing, glamorous, and mysterious. This rich floral scent is integrated with ylang ylang, golden amber, neroli blossoms, lemon, and buchu leaf. This perfume is also $65.00, and I recommend it to anyone looking for a daring, mystical perfume that is truly an addicting scent. 

Overall, I had a lot of fun trying these perfumes and definitely recommend them to anyone who's looking for a new scent! I'd also check out Hoffman's perfume jewelry because they're really beautiful, innovative, and creative. These perfumes are definitely the finishing touch to any fashionable look.   

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.