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The Collagen Collection from RG Cosmetics



Do you wish your hair looked awesome? I know there have been days that I wished my hair looked its best. I just didn’t know how to get it healthy and make it look awesome! I have a solution for you because it worked on me. Introducing The Collagen Collection from RG Cosmetics.  I fell in love with this set the first time I used it and so will you!

There are three parts to The Collagen Collection and it’s pure awesomeness. 

Collagen Mask – is a collagen infused revitalizing hair mask. 


Collagen Mist – is a collagen infused treatment that has a revitalizing effect on hair by restoring collagen protein. It also strengthens and thickens hair while also reconstructing those damaged cuticles. 


Collagen Shampoo – collagen infused shampoo to rebuild strength and elasticity. 


Using these three as a collection will help to give your hair the healthy hair you want and need. When you have spent so much time heating, curling, and doing chemical treatments to it, it’s time to step things up and give your hair a little love. 

About RG Cosmetics 

RG Cosmetics began in 2009 with a distinct goal: to develop a hair care line that would bring together years of industry knowledge with cutting-edge hair science. Now distributed worldwide, the RG Cosmetics product collection makes beautiful, healthy hair a reality for all hair types.

My Thoughts

When I think of RG Cosmetics, I think of a very high end cosmetics company! Their products are quality. I was pleased with the smell of the products and how everything looked. If you need to buy someone a gift, this is the place to shop! 

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