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The Bloody Shoe Affair: A daring and thrilling adventure with the jailer’s daughter



When I can not sleep I love to read, and when we are traveling I can just sit and read on my kindle or I pad. What I love reading most are thrillers and mysterys. The book I just got done reading is The Bloody Shoe Affair. In this mystery set in 1968, Christi, a shy and awkward teenager, never expected to get sucked into helping her cousin, Lily, the “double-dare-you” daughter of the county jailer, try to solve the grizzelest murder the town of Roselyn, Mississippi, had ever seen. Then again, Christi had been entangled in her misadventures before. So a whirlwind week of spying, lying, crawling through tunnels and sneaking into the jail should have come as no surprise to Christi.

After a chance meeting with the accused, they learn new information that sheds doubt on his guilt. Seeking justice, Lily sets a plan in motion that takes them on an adventure of risk and surprising twists. They not only discover unexpected truths about the case, but about themselves as well.

This book kept me on the edge og my seat, with all the adventures and things they do in order to solve the grizzelest murder. Feeling like I am part of this world and not wanting to put the book down. The book is based on the things the cousins had done when they were younger, and growing up.

Having your home connected to the jail, was bound to have a lot of adventures. Christi use to sneak in to the jail and play checkers with the prisoners, and always bring them candy and soda. She would love playing in the empty jail cells. It was great that her house was really connected to the jail cell.

This book is not only thrilling and scary it is very moving, about the two girls down south. As we all know doing the right thing, is the way we all should be, Taking a risk to get the answers and seeking out justice. this book does all that and more. The adventure starts when a deputy drops off a pair of bloody shoes. Imagine how the girls feel, and seeking out justice, for the good of man kind even if can cause harm to them.

The Bloody Shoe Affair is also a marvelous coming of age story as Christi gains some independence from her family during her trip and also experiences a bit of romance. While this mystery was written for young adult.

You can get this book here.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.