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Tempered Glass Screen Protector #Onams

Tempered glass protector

When I got the family their Iphones, I wanted to make sure the screens were protected, everyone one time or another will accidentally drop the phone. Thats when I decided to Tempered Glass Screen Protectors. What this does is, firstly, be a reason for the new and shiny crack on the screen or secondly, be a cause of a mini heart attack in anticipation of a broken screen. The usage of technological devices varies from person to person. Personally, my daughter is very careless with my mobile phone and have lived to see it face down on the floor, on multiple occasions. Shes actually dropped it while away and the screen broke, not to say I was very upset.

What this does is provides maximum protection without interfering with touch sensitivity, a lot of people live on the phone, not only checking emails answering them. It offers an anti-scratch, bubble-free, ultra-clear, highest quality glass screen, with an HD clarity of 99%. This screen is compatible with an Apple iPhone 6, as well as an Apple iPhone 6S. Without interfering in any of your touch screen buttons, So your able to do all the things you have too just some added protection.

This protective glass screen has been designed with curved edges that provide a seamless finish on your screen, preventing any obvious visibility. The other freat thing is that it protects against all those fingerprints, adds a seamless finish by enabling slightly rounded glass edges around the device screen. Scratch resistance allows you to maintain your mobile phones with maximum resell value by protecting your iPhone 6/6S Screen from scratches, dust and daily wear and tear. With the never ending need to have the newest and latest phones, we need to protect them with the best things we can. Shes dropped her phone with this on it and it was safe, she was never more happy.

This Tempered glass screen protector is really built well. It is extremely durable and protects my phone's screen. They provide you with all the tools needed to put the screen on correctly, so theres nothing to stop you from doing it correctly. 


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.