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Teach My Toddler: Step 2 for Lifelong Success

I am so incredibly pleased to be able to share with you another amazing learning set from Teach My. I cannot say enough about these sets, as a mother they are easy to use but as an Early Childhood Educator they are fantastic! Birth-5 years is so incredibly crucial for learning, and Teach My understands that. Many parents/caregivers have turned to screen apps that help your toddler learn (there are some cool ones). However, recent studies show there are negative consequences from too much screen time too early.  This includes apps, computers, TV's and any other screen exposure. I will not get into the specifics (you can google the research) but there is a scary large number of babies and toddlers being over exposed to screen time and that type of damage once done is life long.

Teach My kits are handheld with no screens just good old fashioned manipulatives that you and your child can use together. The Teach My Toddler kit is really a simple yet great kit to have in the home or a school/daycare setting. The Kit comes with 4 sets:

  • Teach My Toddler The Alphabet Learning Set
  • Teach My Toddler Numbers to 10 Learning Set
  • Teach My Toddler Shapes Learning Set
  • Teach My Toddler Colors Learning Set

In each set there is a foam puzzle board, poster, flashcards, and a board book.  The alphabet set has 4 puzzle boards that fit together including the letters that pop in and out. Additionally the kit comes with a Teaching Guide and of course the storage box. The colors are vibrant and the posters are perfect for hanging at home or in the classroom.

I already am using the Teach My Baby Kit which I love but I also plan on using the board books from this kit right away as well. The flashcards are perfect to carry in your bag for on the go learning. I always look for ways I can connect what I am teaching my children at home out in the real world.A fun game you can do with the flash cards is to go out into the world and start a Color Hunt or a Shapes Hunt. You simply have your child pick a card (or you can) and then they look around to see how many items they can find of that color, shape,number, letter etc. This is way better than a tablet app more interactive with the world and much cheaper than them breaking your phone as it dropped for the umpteenth time.Teach My has other wonderful kits for children including the Teach My Baby, Preschooler and now Kindergartner as well. Make sure to stop by to see all the learning kits that they offer including the bath time kits.

Let us know what you think, Would you like to use a Teach My kit with your child? Which one is your favorite?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.