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Talia and the Capture of the Wrath

    I have another perfect book idea for the middle grade children on your holiday gift list. Talia and the Capture of the Wrath by C.J. Quinn is a fantasy book that children will love.

Talia CJ Quinn Book

The World of Talia

    In Talia and the Capture of the Wrath, we meet nine-year old Wyatt Tobiah. Wyatt is just an ordinary boy with three older brothers. That is until a mysterious voice from an old mirror speaks to him. Young Wyatt realizes that the voice belongs to his deceased mother, and he enters the world of Talia. In this world he will embark on the most epic and fantastic journey of his life.

    This book is so full of adventure, that your child is sure to enjoy every chapter in this book. They will also realize that this novel subtly tackles the questions that surround the fate of our Earth. Author C.J. Quinn states that “I think it's important for children to understand the necessity of nature, animals and other environmental issues. Through reading we can help children understand their own power to create change.” I completely agree!

About the Author

    C.J. Quinn earned degrees in English Literature and Education. After traveling our wonderful world, she settled down to start a family, which (as all of us can attest to,) has proven to be the biggest adventure yet. While Quinn has been writing for over twenty years, it was her children's curiosity that inspired her to write her debut novel, Talia and the Capture of the Wrath.

    Spreading awareness about our environment has long been a passion of Quinn's. From her travels around the world, from Thailand to Bangkok, and Nepal to Japan, Quinn has witnessed destruction and pollution to our beautiful planet. Our children are our future, and not only do we want to leave them a healthy world, we want them to learn how to do the same for their children. Books like Quinn's not only entertain our kids, but they enforce these lessons as well.

Where to buy

    Talia and the Capture of the Wrath is available through Amazon and where ever books are sold. The e-book version can be purchased through Amazon as well. You can find AC.J. Quinn on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Goodreads. You can also visit her website by clicking HERE.



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.