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Take the Hassle out of Shaving – Giraffe Shave Extender


download giraffe logoMake it easy to shave with the Giraffe Shave Extender!

Giraffe Bath and Body has created a solution to many women's problem. Shaving your legs when your pregnant, mature in age or if you have had a medical problem that makes it difficult to maneuver enough to shave with a traditional shaver. Whatever your reason for needing an extender, Giraffe has one that will work for all of us. 


I have back pain. It is something I have just lived with for awhile now and I am constantly looking for products that can help make life easier. I was thrilled with the opportunity to give this Giraffe shave extender a try. One less task in my life that requires using my back is something I am excited about.

The Giraffe Shave extender is really just a long handle. It transforms any disposable razor into a long handled shaver. I have tried it on three of the brands of shavers that I buy regularly and was glad to see that it fit all three major disposable razor brands. 

There are two different sized heads that are included. This allows you to pick which head fits your razor better. I was very impressed with how easily the heads snap and unsnap into the giraffe shave extender. I tried both heads and found that the larger head fit my razor more tightly than the other. This was such a relief to see since I was a little skeptical how good of a grip this shave extender can have. It is tight. I am telling you, if you have chosen the right head for your razor it will be very secure. I am confident that this extender will hold tight to the razor while I am shaving.

My razor fit perfectly into place with a secure snap and I was ready to go. I found using the razor to be very easy. It stayed in place while I got to stand up straight and did not have to strain my back. I think the only thing I need to get used to is how much longer the handle is to rinse off and continue shaving. 

Overall, I highly recommend this extender to anyone who suffers from back pain, or post surgery hip or back problems and pregnant women. This would have been wonderful to have when I was pregnant since it makes it so easy to shave without bending.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.