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Want Sexy Hair? Voluptuous Curls? Bombshell Waves?



T3 Micro has all of the beauty products that you need to have the biggest, bounciest, prettiest, sexiest hair possible. They offer you hair dryers, styling irons, hot rollers, beauty showers, and all types of gifts and accessories. 

T3 Micro Whirl Trio Bombshell  has three interchangeable barrels that help you straighten and curl your hair in so many different shapes and sizes. 1″ straight barrel is ideal for spiral curls, mermaid waves or more defined waves and curls.  1.25″ – .75″ tapered barrel is ideal for beachy waves, textured waves and curls, loose, tousled curls and more natural looking waves. 1.5″ straight barrel is ideal for glamour waves, full-bodied waves, flipped ends. Powered by  T3 Tourmaline & SinglePass Technology with FIVE heat settings, styles fast, flawless waves and curls on all hair types.

I will say that when I opened the box and saw they sent a heat resistant glove I got a little scared. I am not the most graceful person & I just knew that if I put the glove on the right hand I would grab the wand with the left and visa versa.  I had a few issues when I started but I became a pro ( well kind of ) at it. So, don’t let this beautiful creation scare you. It is easy to use and you can fix and fluff your hair in so many different styles. This is my first attempt and can’t wait to try more styles. The curls I have below were created with the 1.25″ – .75″ tapered barrel. 

T3 Micro

I really like that you can wrap or straighten your hair with the iron. I was able to pull my hair out and fix and fluff in just the spots that I had missed. It heats up quickly and styles just as quickly and very easily. You can’t go wrong with curls and waves.

T3 Micro


T3 Micro Voluminous Hot Rollers bring back so many memories from my high school years. I never left the house without big bouncy curls and full face of makeup. These hot rollers are designed with Tourmaline technology, which emits maximum ionic, infrared heat that safely penetrates your hair. Which helps it style from the inside out which helps prevent frizz and burning of your hair.

Each T3 Micro hot rollers contains a high power density ceramic heater which heats up in 3 minutes. They also self regulate the wattage for precise temperature control. Flock coating is proven to be the most effective method of delivery a healthy natural shine to your hair. So easy to use and look how bouncy my hair is now! Feel like a teenager again!

T3 Micro

When you purchase this set you receive 4 XLG ( 1.75″ ) & 4 LG ( 1.50″ )  rollers 8 spring loaded clips, luxury storage tote, charging base and detachable cord and a 2 year warranty.
T3 Micro

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