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Swap Your Design Not Your Case with Swaponz®

    I don’t know about you, but I love to change my phone case regularly. I get bored looking at the same one, day in and day out. However, now I have a drawer full of phone cases, and they really take up a lot of room. That’s where Swaponz® comes in.

Swaponz Fall halloween designs

Swap your design, NOT your case.

    With Swaponz® you only need ONE case. You simply swap out the design on the back, when you want to change it up. The case is a rubberized, so it will protect your phone while showing your individual style.

Get your starter pack

    To get started, simply choose your phone case model. Then choose two designs to get you started. This costs twenty-five dollars, and then extra designs are seven fifty a piece. You can’t beat that! Especially for one you can design yourself. 

Halloween Swaponz

Many designs to choose from

    Swaponz® has a ton (over six hundred to be exact,) of designs to choose from! With Fall already here, and Halloween just around the corner, you need to check out their different designs. They were kind enough to send me two of their Halloween ones, and I love them. 

Create your own

    Not only do they have many different ones to choose from, but you can also design your very own. The opportunities are endless here. At only $7.50 per design, you can create a bunch without spending a boat load of money! 

Swaponz Halloween pumpkins

 Changing your design

    Once you’ve collected all of your favorite designs, how do you change them? Well, it’s simple. Just pull your design from the bottom right, and it comes right off. Store it inside your phone case, and attach the nest design you want to use. They aren’t sticky, yet hold together like magic. They are also fade and scratch resistant, so they will last!

Where to buy 

    I’m sure by now you’re ready to check out all the designs that Swaponz® has to offer. Or you’re ready to go design your own. Head on over to their website and get started! Let them know that Kelly’s Thoughts on Things sent you. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram



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