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Sundries of the American West by Outlaw Soaps

    Tis the season, and The 2016 Holiday Gift Guide by Kelly's Thoughts on Things is just getting started! Today I want to tell you about some amazingly awesome sundries, by Outlaw Soaps.

Outlaw Soaps

Sudsy gift ideas for the men in your life

    Men may not want to admit it, but they like to be pampered too. You know, in a manly kind of way. That's where Outlaw Soaps has you covered. You have to check out their soaps. They are so neat! Their Hair of the Dog is Whiskey and Coffee soap. Umm, sign me up! (I don't care if it smells “manly,” coffee and whiskey is a great duo!) Their Fire in the Hole soap seriously looks cool! It reminds me of an old school hot rod. Flat black with flames! Better yet, it smells like a campfire and whiskey! They have so many more, that you'll need to head to their website to see them all! 

Bacon, bacon, bacon!

    Outlaw Soaps sent me some of their Bacon soap. It looks like bacon. It smells like bacon. I don't imagine it tastes like bacon. Don't eat the soap people! :) My brothers love it! I gave them each a bar and they have nothing but good things to say about it.

Colognes and Lip Balms

    Outlaw Soaps also makes solid colognes. I remember my great gram giving us girls solid perfumes as a kid. We loved them. Well, Outlaw makes them for the men in your life. They have three scents to offer, so make sure you head over and take a look! 

    They also have lip balms. Again, in three flavors, and available separately or sold as a trio. Winter is coming, and lip balm is a must have, so head HERE to grab some for the men in your life. 

Stick-Up Lotion

    Men get dry skin too. For many, getting them to stop and use some hand lotion isn't going to happen. Outlaw Soaps has you (and them) covered! Their stick lotions are in a tube like Chapstick. Roll it up, then glide some on. Voila. Less rough skin that smells amazing!  

Unicorn Poop

Get something for yourself (or the kids) while you're there!

    While you're shopping at Outlaw Soaps, check out their Unicorn Poop soap! I love it, as does Liam. (He calls its his “autism soap,” because it's a spectrum of colors.) It looks cute, and smells fantastic! And like all of their other soaps, is formulated with all VEGAN combination of oils! 

Where to buy and connect

    Don't wait until Christmas. Start stocking up now, because why wait to smell great? Head on over to their website, and tell them we sent ya! Don't forget to stalk them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! 


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Friday 14th of October 2016

My daughters would love the Unicorn Poop Soap! Thanks for the review!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.