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Summer Travel Essentials #travelbetter

If you are going on a trip you need to check out Babiators and Cabeau for your travel essentials 

  Babiators sunglasses for kids Babiators  is a line of aviator-style sunglasses for babies and children (ages 0-14). They provide 100% UVA and UVB protection- which is very important. If you lose/break your Babiators within the first year of purchase, they will be replaced with no question asked.  Wow!  They are also durable with flexible frames and shatter-resistant lenses. With the way kids play you need this.  There are 2 sizes and 10 great colors- plus older kids too can get some fly glasses.  Keep your kids safe and healthy with Babiators glasses. 

They also carry these cool goggles: Babiators Submariners swim goggles

Don't let your kiddos get the red, burning eyes that swim-time can create,  protect your child's eyes with Babiators Submariners swim goggles. They are soft, flexible, no-leak frames are designed for both fit and comfort, and our anti-fog, shatter-resistant lenses also provide 100% UV protection. The easy-to-adjust strap ensures a secure, comfortable fit that kids will love to wear. Now for the coolest part they come in a cool submarine case which makes transporting the goggles a breeze – and doubles as a water toy! Like all Babiators products, Babiators Submariners swim goggles are covered by our Lost & Found Guarantee. If your frames are lost or broken, we'll replace them – guaranteed!  They are for toddlers and children ages 3-7+ years.

Cabeau, one of the fastest growing travel goods companies, knows how to transform coach class woes into a First-Class experience. Innovative comfort products and on-the-go-gear include the patented, award-winning memory foam Evolution Pillow and Midnight Sleep Mask.  If you are going on a road trip or flying you need to check out Cabeau, they have all your travel accessory needs.  Here are a couple of items we loved. 

Evolution Pillow™ Memory Foam

Evolution Pillow™:  Comes with a Compact Travel Bag-loving this because it can compact down and save on convenient packing.  Plus you can strap bag to your luggage or bag to save valuable space. The pillow is very soft and I fell asleep so easily when we went on road trip.  My head didn't fall away because there is also 360° head and chin support with memory foam. Plus it has Adjustable Front Sliding Toggles which holds the pillow in place and provides additional head support.Available in many colors. My daughter got some juice on the cover but we were able to take it off and wash it.  There is also Media Pouch that holds your phone or MP3 player in place while you listen to music hands-free and lap-free. I also loved the memory foam earplugs to block out the fighting in the back seat.  Offers long-lasting, comfortable head support. This is must have travel product! 

Infused Fluffy Socks

So soft and fluffy! I love these Infused Fluffy Socks  They help promote leg circulation that applies graduated pressure to the lower legs, increasing blood flow back towards the heart- need that after sitting forever! When you are in the hotel room, cuddle up with a good book and put on these ultra soft socks.  They are one-size-fits-all makes shopping for other easy- get them for family.  Measuring 8” from top to heal, they fit perfectly with sneakers or boots. I wore them to work one day and my foot stayed warm and comfy all day! 



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William Alexander

Thursday 9th of March 2017

All are looking so beautiful!!!!

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