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Summer Cooking with Debbie Meyer®


Who likes CLEANING the kitchen in the summer time?  I know I don’t.  I don’t even like cooking in the kitchen in the summer time. But we still have to eat so we BBQ, use my crockpot, and use the microwave.  I have a couple tricks I use for Summer Cooking.  

Crockpot cooking doesn’t get the house all hot plus I can put it all together in the morning and let it cook all day.  I think I love crockpot cooking the best. Microwave cooking is a bit on the lazy side BUT after trying the microwave steamer bags, I need to use the microwave more- super easy and tasty!


Cleaning up a crockpot does take some skill!  My kids usually leave the crockpot for me to clean because they say it’s too heavy, or they just can’t clean it.  I know, I have LAZY kids, the story of my life.  So why not make their life (and mine) easier with Debbie Meyer® Slow Cooker Liners. Super easy clean up- grab the bag and throw away!  Guess what my kids will clean the crockpot without me having to remind them.  Cooking with a liner is super easy too- line the crockpot with the liner, put food in, cook, eat, and dispose of the liner.  Debbie Meyer® Slow Cooker Liners  Set of 4 slow cooker liners, each measures 11-3/4 x 21-1/2 inches and under $3.00! 


Then to make things even easier in the kitchen- Debbie Meyer® Microwave Steamer Bags. You can cook healthier in these bags because you don’t need to add extra oil or fat.  The bags steam and lock in the flavors!  I use these for VEGETABLES!  I stopped the canned veggies a long time ago, but cooking fresh vegetables in the microwave is easy and yummy. The kids love when I cook the veggies in the microwave because they say the vegetables are softer and tastier. Set of 10 Microwave Steamer Bags is less than $3. 00

So why not cook with- Debbie Meyer® this summer! Keep your house cool but smelling good with all the food you will be cooking in the crockpot and microwave.  




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