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Stunning Braids For Any Occasion #bookreview

Stunning Braids For Any Occasion

Work to Weddings

Do you want to learn how to do fishtails, Dutch braids, updos, curls, or waves then you need to get the book STUNNING BRAIDS? It is a DIY guide that will walk you through easy to follow instructions and step by step photos for 25 beautiful looks.  It will help you become a braiding pro.  My daughter loves to get her hair braided, but I have no idea how to do it.  I have to take her somewhere to get it down and $50 later-wow!  I want to save some money and make my girl happy, so I need to learn how to BRAID!

Nothing says elegance like a cool braided design.  This book has something for everybody~ fix messy hair, chic night out style, dazzling do for your wedding day or just going to the beach look.  There is step-by-steps to create beautiful hairstyles for any hair type. 

Stunning Braids For Any Occasion

I also liked that it had a Hair Brush page that lets me know what brush to use with what type of hair, style or other tools. Gave me the idea on what ties, clips, and pins I need for certain braids. She also walks through how to prep the hair, which is imperative to get the best look. 

There are braids for everyday wear, weekend wear, special occasions, work, proms, and weddings. The book is divided into two sections~ basic braids and advanced braids.  I need to get the basic down first then I want to try the advanced.  We are going to have fun, and my daughter has so much hair so I know we will be trying a lot of styles. 

I want to try these two styles on my daughter:

Stunning Braids For Any OccasionStunning Braids For Any Occasion

Stunning Braids can be purchased at bookstores and Amazon.  It has 144 pages and was published in 2015. 

About the Author~ MONAE EVERETT is a celebrity hairstylist who has been published in major publications.  She helps women look and feel their best, and blogs on plus beauty tutorials to YouTube. 


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