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The Stuffed Animal You Ride

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So many special people on our holiday gift list and this is our Liam’s first Christmas, you know we have to make it all special and he’s one spoiled little boy as it is. What could I get him that no one else would? A ZUZU they are big for him to love on and sit on.


What are these amazing ZUZUs they actually come packed efficiently in a candy red bucket. So that they are neat and tidy upon getting. What I like is once you unpack them, they fit right over the bucket giving you a toy box of sorts.  They are made for a toy storage and keeping things nice and organized.  Not to worry there is  a convenient access so our team can still get his toys. He is going to be a thrilled little boy when he gets this because Uncle Ronnie plans to have it packed with some more toys for him.


This is a really great gift  imagine all the cute things, we can put in there so Liam has more stuff to open. He will want to sit on it when his Mommy reads him a story. ZUZU is a family owned company, they had a dream and designed this product and it came to life. The whole collection is their design and I think they are too cute. 

The whole company relies on the whole family, make something that’s so magical. They are hands on and love the work they do. They also promise to always deliver a safe, beautiful and functional product.And they sure do and I’m sure Liam will agree totally.  A product that a child will love and cherish for years to come. Unleashing the power of your child’s imagination is the number one goal. 



There are turtles and elephants as of right now there are 6 of these cuddly animals. More than a stuffed animal its a stool and  there are bound to be big smiles, seeing these under the tree. Your children will play with them and even name them. Making any room come to life, line them up on top of each other to make a statement. Making keeping them and the room clean.  When I was young all of my dolls and stuffed animals had a name, and they all gave me so much emotion like they were all real.  Playing with these “friends” allows kids to explore their complex feelings.

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