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A  New Way to Record Family Stories


StoryWorth is an amazing concept on how to record stories about yourself and your family members!


Weekly story telling captures family history and anecdotes

Once a week you will receive an email with questions about your life, questions you never thought to ask or tell the answers to.  Some example questions include:

“Where did you go on vacation as a child?”

“What things are you proudest of in your life?”

“What are some choices you made about how to raise me?”

 “What is one of your favorite memories of your mother?”

“What do you think is the meaning of life?”  

Plus many, many more intriguing questions.  All you have to do is reply to the email with your story.  Family members can register and join your account also, they will receive and answer emails as well.  

Stories just for you

Privacy is very important to StoryWorth.  All the stories are securely stored on the family’s private StoryWorth account.  Stories can easily be shared with additional family members, if desired. 

Creating a keepsake

Having your stories online make them easy for everyone to access, but there’s nothing like a physical object.  So, after a year, StoryWorth’s team will create a beautifully bound hardcover book containing all the stories shared within the past year – making this a great gift and keepsake, which the family can cherish for generations.

Each book is an original, with you as the author!  Not only is it your stories inside but you can also choose the order of the stories and include pictures. Customize you beautiful hardcover designs. Then order multiple copies for other family members.

Get started today, your family will thank you

The costs $79 to join and recipients receive A private account on and a beautiful hardcover book filled with the stories you have written throughout the year.  Order during the holiday season, receive a $20 discount!  Follow this link to their website  for your discount. 

Your family has many great stories to share, let StoryWorth help you record them!  Let us know what your first emailed question is!

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