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Speedy and Splash Have a Race

    Looking for a new book to read to your youngster? Maybe it's a rainy day, and you want to engage their minds, and pass some time. If so, Speedy and Splash Have a Race is perfect.


    Rainy Day Reading Fun

    Speedy and Splash are rain drops. Like all rain drops, they love to race. The problem is, Splash has NEVER won a race. He wants to win so badly, but it doesn't look like he'll have any luck this time either. All kinds of problems arise like an argument between a snail and caterpillar, a leaf blocking his way, and a mysterious monster.

    Finally, when Splash's luck seems to be turning, something completely unexpected happens. It wipes all thoughts of winning from his mind, and from Speedy's too. 

    Useful lessons disguised in a fun book.

    Speedy and Splash realize that when you work together, you can achieve together. That makes them both feel good together. No one is a “loser” ever again! What a great lesson to teach all children. Competition can be fun, and healthy, but there doesn't always need to be a winner. Having friends, and having fun makes everyone a winner.

   Large text and bright, colorful illustrations makes this book easy and fun to read. 

    The age range on Speedy & Splash Have a Race is approximately three to seven years old. However, I think kids of all ages can benefit from the lesson. Children will also enjoy the bright, colorful, and adorable illustrations . The large text makes this book great for early readers too. 

Speedy and Splash

    What did you think of it?

    Liam doesn't care to read, but he picked this book right up, and started reading. When asked if he liked it he replied, “well, I don't just read any book mama!” Which is totally true. (Unless it's a comic book, or video game codes, he doesn't read anything, (except for school assignments.) The fact that he picked it up, ON HIS OWN, and READ it on his own, is huge. So I'd definitely say he enjoyed Speedy and Splash Have a Race. 

    Speaking as a special needs mom, the whole winning and losing thing is huge. Liam isn't great at sports, and generally won't play them with others because he's so self-conscious of losing. I think we all need to reach out and teach our kids that winning isn't everything. This book does just that.


     Where to buy….

    To get your family, or someone you love a copy of Speedy and Splash Have a Race by Helena Harper, head to her website. You can also get your copy on Amazon. Connect with Helena on Twitter too! 


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.