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SpacePOP™ Not Your Average Princesses

    Have you heard of SpacePOP™ yet? If not, and if you have young girls, then keep reading! I have a great holiday gift idea too!


SpacePOP™ bringing kids television to YouTube

    Five teenage princesses disguise themselves as a band called SpacePOP. Through their music they spread the message of freedom and joy. You see, an evil empress named Geela has taken over the Planets of the Pentangle and enslaved the inhabitants. Their mission is to join the rebel resistance force and vanquish Geela from their planet.

Meet the girls

    Rhea is the sassy guitarist of SpacePOP™. She’s also the wise cracking know it all. She grew up without a family, but now has the other princesses in her life. She’s a bit quirky and unlike the other girls, which makes her my personal favorite! 

    Luna is the diva and fashionista of the group! She’s SpacePOP’s™ lead singer and song writer and adores being in the spotlight. She knows she’s gorgeous and is a complete girly girl. Luna was super spoiled growing up, and for the first time in her life, she has to deal with not getting everything she wants. She’s learning about love and friendship and secretly adores her bandmates.

spacepops stickers

    Athena is the head princess. She’s super smart and very clearly in charge. She’s the most grown up of all the girls, but hides her emotions. She dresses a bit nerdy because of her adult like ways. When she’s leading the band on her keyboard, she breaks free from her grown up side a bit.

    Juno (my other personal favorite,) is the punk rock princess. Her drum skills are literally out of this world! She plays with such intensity, her drum kit needs to be replaced after every show. Juno is the one princess you don’t want to mess with! She is tough and lets nothing stand in her way. 

    Hera is the most relaxed girl of SpacePOP™. She’s free-spirited and not only rocks her bohemian style, but the bass guitar as well. 

spacepops music

Watch SpacePOP™ every Thursday and Saturday

    Let your kids tune into SpacePOP™ on YouTube every Thursday and Saturday for a new webisode. For the holiday, check out their line of clothing at Kohl’s. Toys R Us also has SpacePOP fun for kids! You can get their album on iTunes too! Don’t forget to check out their website. You can also connect with SpacePOP™ on Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram, Google+, and Snapchat.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.