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Sour Jacks Halloween Challenge #sourjacks #halloween

Sour Jacks Halloween Challenge


Sour Jacks challenged Kelly’s Thoughts On Things to a create a trick ‘or’ treat -Halloween inspired design, using the newest flavors; Lemonade, Wildberry and Green Apple.  My daughter who loves Sour Jacks (by the way) and loves to create things was our first choice to do this challenge. 

She did some research and wanted to do something different, so she created her own snack.  She wanted to make GHOSTS, and so we got all our supplies and starting creating.  The supplies we got to do this challenge were marshmallows, paper cupcake cups, black icing tube (for eyes), sprinkles and of course SOUR JACKS!

Sour Jack Ghost Marshmallow

At first we tried to figure out how to flatten the marshmallows.  We had the brilliant (not) idea of putting the marshmallow in the microwave, don’t do that, that was a sticky mess.  We ended up using a rolling pin and glass.  I’m sure there was probably a better way but telling an 11 yr old to try something else was not worth the fight.  Next was putting the eyes on, and then the Sour Jack candy mouth.  We placed the ghosts in the cupcake liners with sprinkles and more Sour Jacks.  We plan to make a whole platter of them for a Halloween Party we are going to on Saturday. 

sour jack halloween challenge


We made the ghosts and had so much fun.  Family time moments like this make me so happy. These are memory makers.  I let my daughter figure out what we were going to make, and I think she did an excellent job!  Halloween is a lot of fun and doing fun projects like this makes this mom smile a lot! 


20151024_164727Let us know if you have had Sour Jacks My daughter’s favorite flavor is the Wildberry, but my husband loves the Lemon. 

Check HERE to find where you can get some Sour Jacks.


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