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Snowtime #SnowtimeMovie



When we were little, we loved to go in the yard and have the best snowball fight ever. Just like these kids in the movie. This is a beautiful aminated feature,va romp through the childhood full of heart and humor.  The kids choose to have a great time through winter break, and they live in a slight village. So when they decide to have a massive snowball fight, its   going to be the talk of the town. Luke and Sophie are both only 11, and they are the leaders on opposite sides.   Imagine all that excitement. Sophie and her team defend on the elaborate snow fort they made, to fight against Luke and his team. 

Whatever side gets and keeps the fort at the end of winter break they win. This would have been a great idea, to do when we were young having opposite team against my sisters.   But what starts out as pure youthful fun and enthusiasm deteriorates into a more serious conflict, where children learn valuable life lessons about friendship, the importance of unity, and the emotional consequences of vicious rivalry. The film’s underlying message – neither side wins in war – is as relevant today as ever. 

Devon loved watching this he got a kick out of the snowball fight. He was laughing and smiling through it all. Joy is restored when all the children decide to attack the fort rather than each other and happily destroy every last bit of the snow fort.

Based on the acclaimed live-action film classic La Guerre des Tuques (The Dog Who Stopped the War), SNOWTIME! is a captivating cinematic adventure about hope and friendship. The film explores the sometimes mercurial relations between friends during childhood, and the role that enthusiastic competition and energizing solidarity play in the lives of children.  February 19, 2016 releasing digitally on iTunes and other VOD platforms March 1st.
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BLING available on Google Play for Free starting March 3, 2016
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