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Smart Sheep Dryer Balls Review


Have you ever thought their has to be an easier and cheaper way to get my clothes soft while drying besides liquid or dryer sheets. I spend so much money of fabric softener it drives me crazy. Besides there are hundreds of types of fabric softener it gets frustrating to find exactly what you need. well I got to review a very interesting product and its called Smart Sheep Dryer Balls . Smart Sheep Dryer Balls are 100% handmade and made with 100% New Zealand Wool. 

All you have to do is throw the 6 wool balls into the drier with your wet clothes and turn on the drier and walk away. They work by bouncing around in the dryer,they lift and separate your clothing they cut down drying time by lifting up your clothes and letting in hot air, and your clothes get softer. 

What is great about the Smart Sheep Dryer Balls is that they don’t have harsh chemical in the like the dryer sheets and they also don’t harm and destroy the texture of your clothe which saves you money sand they are not harmful to the environment unlike the dryer sheets. You may notice that some of the dryer balls are pilling. What pilling is when you get tiny little balls of fabric on the dryer balls well that is not a bad thing. It can actually make the dryer balls work even more because there is more surface to work. 

download (example of Pilling)

I placed my Smart Sheep Dryer Balls in my dryer threw my clothes in it and turned it on. I set my dryer for 70 minutes and walked away. I returned to check on them 40 minutes later and they were done. I pulled them out and to feel and they were soft and were dry. I even smelled them and they had the best smell from detergent and I was so excited. I finally had what I wanted and I couldn’t wait to use them again. I did two loads of laundry in the time it used to take one load to get done. That makes me so happy because it cut my laundry time in half and saves me money by not having to buy dryer sheets and also because my electric bill has went down also. 

I would recommend these to anyone who wants to save money and get away from harmful dryer sheets. You can buy these awesome products from Amazon .


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