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SleeperHero To The Rescue

Your child is the most cherished gift that can never be replaced. You watch them grow over the years from a little tot to wonderful little kid. Most parents want to give their child things that they weren’t able to get when they were younger. Although every child has that stage where sleep is either scary or they just can’t seem to do it. Whether the dark is frightening to them, or they just simply feel alone at night. Well, I have a product that can fix that little problem, something that can help get your child to sleep. So check out the information on the product below, this could very well be a product of your interest.


Sleep Hero To The Rescue

SleeperHero was developed by two sisters Anna Richardson and Meggie Hunley. They have created a product designed to help you and your child. This product has won several rewards including the 2015 Product of the Year Toy Award. Their development is sure the be the discovery you have been waiting for.

Illustrated SleeperHero Storybook & Doll

Sleep Hero To The Rescue

The Illustrated SleeperHero Storybook & Doll is a set that is sure to help you get your child to sleep at night. This unique duo helps children (and parents) conquer their challenges when it comes to bedtime. This Sleep Hero deluxe box features you’re very own book and doll. Before you go into the story at night, your child can name the doll whatever they like. That way whenever you read your child the story from the Illustrated SleeperHero Storybook, their special name comes into play. The book is a story about a boy that struggles with staying in his bed at night. That is until he is introduced to a doll, SleeperHero. SleeperHero is his buddy that is there for him at night whenever he gets scared.

Sleep Hero To The Rescue

The SleeperHero Doll is fitted with a special light in the center of its chest. The light is there to help your child learn when it is or isn’t a good time to get out of bed. The lights shines two different colors:

  • Red meaning “Stay In Bed”
  • Green meaning “Rise And Shine”

The color of the light changes based on the clock preferences a parent sets for their child. Once your child learns to sleep better, you know the SleeperHero’s job is done

With this amazing product, these sisters developed, getting your child to sleep becomes a great bonding experience. You get to share a story with your child every night, and your child meets a great new friend too. So check out the information on the product above, call upon SleeperHero to say the night.

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