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Sleeper Scarf™ for the Travelers on Your Holiday List

    Looking for the perfect holiday gift for the traveler on your list? If so, then check out the Sleeper Scarf™ by Tiffany Paul.

Sleeper Scarf Tribal

It's a scarf, it's a pillow, its Sleeper Scarf™

    Let's face it, neck pillows are bulky, and one more thing to remember to take, and one more thing to carry. That's just part of the reason that Sleeper Scarf™ is so handy! It's the first ever infinity scarf designed to discreetly and stylishly transport your travel pillow. No one will know that neat scarf you're wearing is really a travel pillow!

    It's easy! Just follow these three simple steps.

  1. Wear the Sleeper Scarf™
  2. Inflate the neck pillow
  3. Sleep comfortably and stylishly 

Patented Design

    The patented U-shaped, zippered pocket is where the inflatable pillow “hides.” Simply put your scarf on, and when you're ready for the pillow, unzip the pocket and inflate the pillow.

The pillow

  Each Sleeper Scarf™ comes with your choice of either the easy inflate pillow which inflates in seconds, or the traditional pillow. The pillow is also removable, so you can wear the Sleeper Scarf™ with or without the pillow inside. (I have worn mine both ways, and it's very comfortable.)

Sleeper Scarf Pillow

Perfect for planes, trains, and automobiles

    Whether the person on your holiday gift list travels by plane, car, or any other form of transportation, the Sleeper Scarf™ is the perfect gift. It's also very stylish too, so those that don't know it's actually a travel pillow will just think you're wearing a gorgeous scarf! 

Many styles to choose from

    By styles I mean patterns and colors! Choosing just one will be hard! (So I guess it's good that you can also purchase the scarf separately!) They have turquoise, pink, black, leopard, a neat geometric print and more. You can also purchase the pillows separately in case you need another one. 


Where to buy

    I love my Sleeper Scarf™ and I guarantee the travel lover on your holiday gift list will love it as well. To get one for them, (and for yourself,) head to their website. You can also follow Tiffany Paul Travel and the Sleeper Scarf™ on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.