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Companies/PR Reps:

Are you looking for more exposure for your product or brand?  Our site receives over 70,000 Unique Monthly Views. We have a team of reviewers that range in age, demographics, have children of all ages, single, married, and with different hobbies. We are a family friendly lifestyle blog that enjoys sharing cool products with our readers.

Our gift guides are pages on the blog that allows our readers the opportunity to look at the product then they can click right to a post about the product.  This is a free option we offer and we do advertise the guides weekly and when it is a holiday then we will advertise the guide daily.

Please check out our MEDIA KIT.

Email us for more info: [email protected]


2018 Holiday Gift Guide (OCT-JAN)

FREE-What you will get:
  1. Place in one of our Holiday Gift Guide of your choice
  2. Two Tweets- post per month (Oct/Nov/Dec)- Your Product Picture and Link
  3. Each guide will be promoted weekly on Social Media (but not individual products)
  4. Guides will be posted on our weekly Holiday Gift Ideas Newsletter- list 10 items per week- you will be included in one of those lists- with picture and link

Holiday Gift Guides: (pick one)

We will require: 
  1. High-Resolution picture
  2. Info- Brief Description
  3. Link to purchase
  4. Price
  5. Coupons or Promo (not required)
  6. Social Media Links

Additional Add On’s: (PAID)

  • Giveaway $25
  • Group Giveaway $50 (5 or more blogs) (only one prize required)
  • Additional Social Media $50- One post on FB/IG/Twitter/Pinterest
  • An option of a dedicated post $75 (400 words)
Holiday Gift Guide Promo package $150 
  • Listed in 3 Guides- Top Of Page
  • 10 extra social media (twitter, IG, FB)
  • Pin Product to Pinterest to Holiday Gift Guides ( 4 pins)
  • Featured in each weekly newsletter (Oct/Nov/Dec)

If interested please fill out the form


What you will get for being featured in a product guide:  FREE Option

Listed in your choice of Product Guide. One product per Guide.  Listed on guide all year-long.  Full-size products ONLY!  Plus no items will be returned.


  • $100 Social Media Promotion: 10-(total) shoutouts on Twitter (4), Facebook (3), Pinterest (2), and Instagram (1).  You provide pictures.
  • $150 (product sent) for a +300 Blog Post: with 2 Social Media Posts.  If the product is over $200 then you will get a free write up.
  • If you can’t send product $250 for a Blog Post and Social Media
  • $175 Promotion Package: Extra 20 Social Media promotions shout outs over 30 days. Your product will be one the front page of the guide as a featured product.
  • $75- Product Guide Listing but no product required.  If you are unable to send product- no problem!  You can be listed.  Will require payment and picture and you will be on guide all year long.
  • ADD-ONS:  All will be shared on Social Media 
    • Video $100
    • Giveaway $50
    • Group Giveaway (listed on 5-10 blog) $75


Email us for more info: [email protected]



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