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Show Your Geek with Captain America Shield Cutting Board

    We are a family of geeks! We used to be in the minority, but now it seems everyone is embracing their geek side in one way or another! So what better time to tell you all about Underground Toys and this fantastic Captain America Civil War Shield Cutting Board.

Captain America Shield Cutting Board

Show you support Team Cap with this Captain America Shield!

    When I received this round glass cutting board in the mail, I literally screeched. Not only am I a HUGE Marvel fan girl, but I adore Captain America. To me, he stands for everything that is right in the world. He’s good, he’s smart, he’s kind, he kicks some major villain butt, and Chris Evans whom portrays him, is also quite easy on the eyes! 

    I digress! Anyway, this cutting board is perfect! The size is just right (thirteen and 3/4 inches in diameter,) for cutting up veggies and such. It’s thick tempered glass so it’s also durable. It’s food safe, and dishwasher safe as well!

    Best yet, it really looks like Captain America’s shield! I don’t want to cut anything on it because come on, it’s so cool looking! As a matter of fact, Liam keeps bugging me to let him put it on his desk, “for decoration mama!” 

Captain America

You know you need it!

     To get your Captain America Shield Cutting board, head to Amazon. I also found it at Walmart. Check it out, you’ll love it!

Underground Toys

    Underground Toys created this amazing Captain America Shield Cutting Board. They also have a ton of other geek related teams. Tons more Marvel stuff, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Ghostbusters, Funko Pop Vinyls, and so much more! If you geek it, they make it! 

Homewares Range

    This section of Underground Toys specializes in geek for your home. Dress your dinner table, and deck out your kitchen with a variety of innovative, practical, and geeky items! They have Star Wars, Doctor Who, Ghostbusters, and Game of Thrones! Check them out here.

Where to buy

    Underground Toys products can be found at most major and specialty retailers world-wide. Walmart, Amazon, Target, and Toys R Us, just to name a few! Head here to see where else you can find their items. (We have purchased many of their items from our local Walmart and Toys R Us.) 

Social Media

    Don’t forget to follow them on social media. They’re on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.





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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.