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Seedsheet We Made You a Garden!

    The Seedsheet was an idea that quite literally, sprouted into a garden. Please read on to learn more about this amazing product! 

Seedsheet We Made You a Garden

    Whether you're a green thumb or avid at cooking, having and growing a herb garden is perfect. Some of just don't have time to go out to the greenhouse, locate all the herbs we need, and then plant them. That's where Seedsheet comes in. They have cultivated seeds of popular cooking herbs, right into their sheet. Just roll into your container, (either a five gallon bucket, or a twelve-inch pot,) water, and wait for your herbs to grow. Herbs included are Basil, Parsley, Cilantro, Dill, Chives, and Sorrel.


More than just Herbs

    Do you love Caprese? If so, SeedSheet Caprese is perfect for you! It includes three sweet basil plants, and one juicy Glacier tomato plant. Just grow, harvest, and add your own mozzarella. What about Taco Tuesday? If you're like my family and insist on every Tuesday being Taco day, then you'll love the Seedsheet Tacos Garden Kit. It includes 2 Cilantro plants, Scallions, Arugula, Purple Plum Radish, White Icicle Radish, and Valentine's Radish. Seedsheet also has Grow Your Own Cocktail, and Grow Your Own Hotsauce kits.

Space saving sheets

These five kits I've just told you about are designed to be grown in a five gallon bucket, or a twelve inch pot. So whether you have a huge home, or live in an apartment, you will be able to find space for your herbs and plants to grow. 

Seedsheet details

Seedsheet also has larger sheets

    If you'd like something on a larger scale, to make your seasonal gardening easier, Seedsheet has what you need. You can choose from a one foot by three feet Herb windowsill kit. They also have four feet by eight feet Tomato Raised Bed Kit, or a five feet by eight feet Tomato Suburban Kit. For the Smoothie lovers, they have a four feet by eight feet Smoothie Raised Bed Kit. For the large family, they have a ten feet by sixteen feet Herb and Veggie Family Kit. Everything you need to give your family a healthy diet. 

Safe and Easy

    Each Seedsheet garden includes dissolvable, organic non-GMO seeds, and soil. The seed pouches are embedded in a weed-blocking fabric which is designed to keep the weeds out! They also have a one year shelf life, so you can buy one now, and you (or the person you gifted it to) have a year in which to plant it. 

Seedsheet smoothie


    This premise is simple and spectacular. When you buy a Seedsheet, they'll donate one to your school. So not only are you doing something amazing for your family, but for other children as well.

Where to buy

    Seedsheet is perfect for everyone, so to get one for yourself, or someone you love, head to their website. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.